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Find Where To Go And What To Do—Fast!

Social media—Facebook in particular—is a great place to find local events and activities. But who has time to visit multiple pages and scroll through endless posts to get the full scoop?

InsideFederalWay.com offers a better way!

We bring posts together from a variety of local Facebook pages in a single feed. So when you want to see what’s happening here, all you need to do is visit this site!

We bring it to you rather making you go out to find it!

The best social media marketing program for local businesses!

We provide the essentials starting at only $25 a month  …

Advertising on social media.

Base-line posting.  We edit and schedule weekly posts for you.

Cooperative.  Sharing your posts and advertising expenses with others.

Interested in joining us please call 425.269.5027 or  info@ezPages.Live